Video calling makes it easier for us to talk to our dearest persons who live far away from us. While our daily lives set us apart from our family and friends, technology brings us together again. And when it comes to video calling, you can rely on Facetime with your eyes closed. Facetime is a video calling application that supports iOS and Mac devices. Even these days, users can install FaceTime on their computers. It comes with a built-in camera feature that helps you see your friends or colleagues on your big-screen. Now you might be wondering how to use FaceTime on PC? 

Setting up Facetime on PC is easy by following the on-screen instructions. The app asks you to dial a required contact email to complete the setup process. You will need to add a person to your contact list. When you can easily access your contact list, you can start a video call easily as well. If not by that, you can also invite the person to a video chat over email. And when they accept the invitation, you can see each other on the big screen. 

What is Facetime?

Many people call it Facetime and not video calling. Even though to non-iOs or Mac users the term ‘video calling’ is the most common, people who use Mac are used to call it Facetime. Yes, it is that popular. FaceTime comes with some great features that you simply can’t ignore. Facetime is one of the coolest apps you have ever used for video-calling purposes. 

Facetime for PC

It lets you connect with your family and friends no matter how far you are. Basically, Facetime is the ultra-advanced app that features great quality. Better than any Android and Windows app you have used so far. In a single video call, you can add up to 32 users. So, if you have a large group of friends, this one is for you, undoubtedly.

Why Facetime? 

Facetime is the best video calling app of all time especially if you don’t like an interruption. All you need is a stable internet connection and mildly-optimized computer to run this video calling app. Apparently, you don’t have to pay any money for, installing or using the app, but your internet connection is in your own hands. You can compare Facetime to some great Android apps like Google Duo, Skype, Messenger, Bingo, etc. The reason for this is simple when people started to use these apps, developers also thought to try out something to compete with them. So, they developed Facetime for PC, Mac, and iOS. 

Apple has included some security features in the app that protects your privacy end-to-end. Sometimes though it feels like you are talking to the person face-to-face while video-calling. Yes, with Facetime it feels just like that. Not for the only-fun purpose, though, business partners and colleagues also prefer Facetime rather than any similar application.

What are the Most Highlighted Features of Facetime?

All these times we were not bluffing about this advanced video chatting application. In fact, Facetime is really that worth it. Here we have mentioned the highlighted features that make Facetime better than any other app of its category. 

  • Firstly, Facetime is all sort or cost-free. You don’t have to pay for anything to connect with your favorite people.
  • Secondly, with Facetime, you can connect with anyone no matter where they live. It is available worldwide.
  • Not only video calls, but you can also do audio calls through FaceTime
  • Your video quality will be HD but the resolution is depending on your device
  • You can install Facetime on Mac, iOS, and other Apple devices without any trouble
  • Moreover, you can block incoming video and audio calls if there is a problem with the person calling
  • The application will sync your contact list and find out all the other users who are also using Facetime
  • You can add your friends to the “favorites list” inside the app
  • If not a group video call, you can make a conference call and communicate with up to 10 people at the same time.

After going through all these features, you must be pretty excited to try this app out now. We won’t keep you waiting for long. Let’s find out how to get Facetime for Windows.

How to Download Facetime for Windows PC?

Thousands of Americans are obsessed with Facetime. The reason is simple, it provides crystal clear video call that makes you wonder if the person is sitting against you. However though, if you don’t have a Mac or iOS device, this can be difficult for you to use Facetime. Then what? Your dream of using Facetime on your Windows computer no longer exists? No, that wouldn’t be the case. 

As you can download Android applications on your computer using an Android emulator. There are multiple iOS emulators available on the internet that will help you do that same. Before going to install Facetime through an emulator on your Windows computer, check out its system requirements.

  • You must need Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 version
  • Your CPU speed needs to be more than 1GHz
  • We need 2GB or above RAM space
  • You need to make sure you have a webcam. To be using Facetime, your device must support the Webcam feature. Usually, Windows computers come with Webcam facility. So, it wouldn’t be an issue.
  • You should prepare a microphone or headset for smooth and clear communication
  • And of course, you need a decent internet connection.

We can provide you with a link to the free .apk file of Facetime. You can download the file to your Windows computer and install it using an Android emulator. However, we do not recommend you so. Third-party emulators can harm your PC in many ways and you observe a lack of performance. Still, if you insist, here is the link-

FaceTime Download for PC APK

  1. You can click on the link above to download the file on your computer. If you are downloading it from your Android phone, then transfer the file to your PC.
  2. After completing the download, select the finish option
  3. And go to the location where the apk file is, right-click on it
  4. Click on  “open with” and select Bluestacks
  5. Let the installation begin automatically

After that, you will be able to use Facetime on your computer with ease. Whenever you need to make a video call, simply open BlueStacks and open Facetime. 

Features of Bluestacks for Facetime

If you are willing to run Android apk files on your Windows computer, there is no better way to do so without an emulator. And the Bluestacks emulator is the number one emulator at this point. Many gamers and Windows users download Bluestacks to use Android applications on their PC. There are some features of Bluestacks you should check out before installing it-

Facetime for PC
  • Bluestacks is fast and smooth
  • It is free but also offers a premium version
  • The premium version of BlueStacks comes without ads
  • You can install literally any Android application on BlueStacks and enjoy it on your PC

There are some free alternatives to Bluestacks as well. However, we do not recommend you using any of that. You can install Nox Player though. It is also a good Android emulator and delivers quick actions.

 How to Use Facetime on PC?

Facetime is an easy to use application developed by Apple. Facetime provides an awesome user experience to all its users and is also pretty fun to use. With this application, you can start a quick video call with your friends and family on your PC in a single click. No matter where you are, Facetime brings all of us closer to each other.

Not only simple text messages, but Facetime also supports sending stickers to your contacts. Let’s have a look at how to use the application effectively on your device.

  1. After installation, it creates an icon on your Windows desktop. Click on that icon and launch Facetime on PC
  2. Launching Facetime for the first time would require you to set it up first. Use your email address and phone number that you can share with your friends to help them connect with you on Facetime.
  3. You can find the person by their name inside the application. When you find him who you are searching for on the left-hand side, click on their name.
  4. If the person has multiple numbers, choose one you would like to call them to
  5. Wait for the call to reach to that certain person
  6. When he accepts your call, you can start having a conversation with the person
  7. And like any other call, you can end it by tapping on the End call button

How to Control Facetime for Computer?

When you are using the application for the first time, it will be great to find out about its controls. Here we have shared some tips on how to use and control Facetime on your Windows computer.

  • When someone calls you on Facetime, a pop-up will appear on your screen with their name flashing on.
  • If you accept the option, you will be connected to the person immediately
  • If you decline the call, the call will end and either of you will have to try again
  • The person you are talking to decides to contact you through a video call, the Accept and Decline options will let you decide what you want to do
  • If you block the video/camera call, this option will allow you to speak to that person via audio without showing your face
  • If you accept the call, it will offer you some more options
  • Click on Full-screen and it will allow you to view the video on the entire screen of your computer
  • The End option will hang up the call 
  • The Mute option will disable your microphone. If you click on that option, the person from the other side won’t be able to hear whatever you are saying.
  • You can also switch your audio conversation to video
  • Click on the Video option and it will turn your audio call to a video where you two will be able to see each other.

Important Information About Facetime for Windows 

When the app is not running in the background, you will receive notifications on pop-ups when someone tries to contact you with Facetime. So, even when you are doing other tasks on your computer, you can choose whether to accept or decline the call. Even when the person sends you a text, you will receive a pop-up notification. Whenever someone calls you or contacts you through Facetime, your computer will send you a pop-up notification. 

Nowadays, Facetime supports 1080p FULL HD on PC which is obviously a high-quality resolution. Previously, Facetime used to support 720p on video calls, but that is not the case anymore. Facetime does not require much from you. Only a Mac or Windows device with an in-built HD camera will be enough. However, if your system does not have an in-built camera, then you will have to purchase an external webcam online or from your local retailer.

Moreover, the Facetime HD camera allows you to fit your entire family on the same screen. It features a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio in full-screen. The video calling quality from Facetime is also good that it can beat any application. You don’t need to have much space on your system to run this application. It is lightweight and runs smoothly on whatever platform you use it.

Why You Should Not Download Third-Party Emulators?

Many users are using iPadian on their Windows computer to install Facetime. However, a lot of users have complained that this emulator does not work at all. Moreover, the reason why we do not recommend using an emulator is it contains security risks. Sometimes using an emulator brings a lot of troubles in system security. Also, when you use an emulator on a device with lesser RAM and old processor, you may experience performance lagging. Hence, this is not the safest way to use Facetime on PC.

Why Can’t You Get Facetime for Windows?

Facetime first appeared in 2010 and collaborated with Apple. Ever since Mac and iOS users are enjoying the outstanding features on their respective devices. In this context, other people are unlucky. Even though you manage to get Facetime for PC, it won’t run as smoothly as it does on Mac or iOS devices. Though there have been discussions about making Facetime an open standard app, you cannot use it on your Windows. 

Luckily, there are some alternatives to Facetime video calling app that you can use on your Windows or Android devices.

What are the Facetime Alternatives for Windows?

Though Facetime is not available for Windows, there are some free and class alternatives available. Admitting they are not as classic as Facetime, yet so close. You can use these apps to make conference calls through both audio and video. 

But firstly, check out the brand new Google Meet. Google has newly created this video-calling application for its users. Google Meet helps you meet people virtually through video conference or one-to-one video chats. And the best thing about this app is, it is free and provides great video quality. You can sign to Google Meet with your Google account and start calling your friends. Simply visit to start a meeting or conference call and as a Facetime for PC alternative, this is the best option.

Apart from Google Meet, you can use some other apps that also provide great features.

Skype for Windows

After Facetime, if anyone can make the list, it is Skype. Skype is one of the most popular video calling apps available for both Android and Windows. Moreover, people use skype on Mac devices as well. The old name for Skype was Microsoft Instant Messenger and some people also used to call it Live Messenger. Technically, Skype is a communication app developed by Microsoft where you can chat with your friends, start calling them, send files, and more. 

Skype is free and easy to use. Though it does not have filters like Snapchat, calling from Skype is fun. You hear them loud and clear, and also can view HD quality video-calls. Anyone who uses Skype, you can call them from your desktop of Android Skype application. Or you can also search a user by their username or email address and add them to your Skype contact list. If you add your friends to Skype contact, it becomes easier for you to communicate with them from anywhere anytime. 

WeChat for Windows and Android

In China, people use WeChat as an alternative to Whatsapp. If you are running Windows 10 version on your computer, you can download WeChat from Microsoft Store. Like Skype, you can send messages, start video and audio calls, and have fun with WeChat. WeChat is also free and it offers you lots of interesting emojis and stickers. 

But if you are using Android, you can use Whatsapp to start a video call with your friends. Though it is available as Whatsapp web as well, you can’t do video or audio chats on your PC using Whatsapp. If you want to video chat with your colleagues or friends, you will have to install the Whatsapp Android application.

Google Hangouts

You may have heard about Google Hangouts as well. It is another popular communication app developed by Google. If you have a Google account, you can use that ID to create a Hangouts and start chatting with your friends. This enhanced application is available for both Windows and Android. Moreover, you don’t have to share your phone number with anyone to call them. Just give them your email address and they will find you. Even now iPhone users also use Hangouts to communicate with their friends and families. 

You can make audio conference calls with Hangouts, but no group video calls. The app does not support this feature yet but hopefully in future, will. Hangouts also provide high-quality voice and video calling experience to its worldwide users. You can use Google Hangouts for free without any in-app charges. 

Zoom Cloud Meetings (Premium)

Most of the professionals use Zoom Cloud Meetings rather than any other video calling apps. Installing and using Zoom does not take any charges, but to enjoy its advanced features, you will have to switch to its premium subscription. During this time, Zoom has become more than ever popular among businesses and other people. Zoom is a great platform for starting video calls with more than 100 people. 

Zoom is also very easy to use video calling app. You can start a group video call with up to 100 people. Depending on your requirements, you can subscribe to their plans and add new features to your group calling experience. You can add people to your Zoom contact and configure meetings easily without any troubles. 

IMO Video Calling

IMO is available at Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac platforms. IMO is another great alternative for Facetime that does not require any charge to talk with your friends or family. Not only video calls, but you can also send text, and do free voice calls over IMO. Your friends must need an IMO account to chat and talk with you through this application. You can add multiple people to a group video call, start a free audio call with your friends and family, and more. 

Moreover, you can share your activities on IMO with people who do not have installed the app. Does not how slow your internet connection is, with IMO, you can expect a high-quality video calling.

Viber- Facetime Alternative

Viber is also a free video calling app to support you in your hard times. You can message you, friends, start chatting with them through videos and audio calls, and so on. Like other apps in our list, Viber also supports most of the countries in the world. Viber supports multiple languages and does not come with any annoyance of ads.


iMovicha is available in Windows, Android, iOS, and  Mac platforms. You don’t need a high-speed internet connection or a WIFI network to run iMovie. You can use your 3G and 4G LTE cellular data to run this app on your devices. 


Like other apps we are talking about, Glide also provides free video and audio calling feature. Not only that though, with Glide, but you can also record short video clips and then send them to your Glide contacts. You can install Glide on your Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It allows you to create a group with up to 50 people and communicate with them simultaneously. 

Facetime for Mac | How to Use FaceTime on Mac OS?

When you are running Mac OS, just forget the list of FaceTime alternatives. Initially, Facetime was only available on iOS devices, but these days, Mac users can enjoy its features too. Furthermore, the chances are, Facetime is already activated on your Mac device and you can open it manually.  Here are the steps you can perform to enjoy Facetime on your Mac computer-

  1. Press Command + Space together and type in FaceTime
  2. If the application is not enabled, then just click on Turn on
  3. After the application turns on, you can open the app
  4. Provide your Apple ID to sign in to Facetime
  5. After that, start making calls with your fellow Facetime users
  6. You can enjoy Facetime with anyone in the world

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Facetime consume so much data?

Facetime consumes less data usage in comparison to its fellow apps like Skype, Google Duo, etc. If you put the call quality on 1080p, it will consume around 18MB data for 5-minutes of usage. 

Why Facetime won’t work?

Sometimes when you are not connected to the internet, you may feel that your Facetime is not working as it should. Facetime needs a stable internet connection to connect you with your friend through a video or audio call. If you are unable to connect with Facetime, then try to restart your WIFI or whatever internet connection you are using. Sometimes this error occurs due to improper installation of the software.

Can I install Facetime on Android?

Yes, if you can download the facetime.apk file. Here, we have shared a link where you can download the app for free. After downloading, simply install it on your computer.

Does FaceTime work on mobile data?

You should only use mobile data for using FaceTime when you have enough bandwidth. If you think your data balance won’t be exhausted after video calling, then you can do that. FaceTime works on wifi and data both but its default settings are limited to WIFI. You can configure this from settings inside the app.

Does it cost money to use Facetime?

Not at all. Facetime is entirely free and you can make video or audio calls from Facetime as long as you have a stable internet connection. However, if you are using mobile data, that can cost you some data balance.

Do I need to connect Facetime to the internet for calling?

Yes, in fact, you won’t be able to make a call without the internet connection. All you need is a stable internet connection that can also be 2G. You can use your wifi or mobile data to make free calls over Facetime.

How many users can be added to a group chat?

With Facetime on Windows, you can add multiple people to your group video chat. You can add up to 32 people in your group. Once you have added them, you can start group conversations with them or do video calls. All these people you add into a group must have the Facetime Application on their own devices. That also means you can’t add Android users to Facetime groups unless they have installed the application from a reliable source.

Moreover, you can add various effects on your group calls to have more fun.

Can’t Group Facetime on iPhone? What Should You Do?

After installing the latest update on iOS 13, users have started to report that they can’t access Facetime. This means they are unable to make group video calls through Facetime. The reason behind this problem is still unknown but there are some troubleshooting you can do to make sure.

  • Check for the newest iOS patch update and install it on your iOS device.
  • Find out if your internet connection is working well or not. If the WIFI internet connection you are using right now is not stable enough, switch to your mobile data.
  • Sometimes due to server issues, Facetime can be down.

How to Make Group Video Calls on Facetime?

After installing the latest version of iOS, you can follow these steps to start a group video call.

Facetime for PC
  1. Open settings and click on General
  2. Click on Software Updates
  3. After making sure your iOS is up-to-date, move to the next step
  4. Launch the Facetime application
  5. Click on the plus (+) button
  6. Whenever you want to add someone to that group chat, click that button only
  7. Then click on Audio or Video start calling
  8. Click on the three dots at the bottom of the calling screen
  9. Select Add person and then type the name or number of the user 

How to Make a Group on Facetime?

Before you start a call, you can create a group on Facetime. That would also allow you to check on everybody before making a call. Here we have explained how to make a group on Facetime-

  1. Open your iMessage application
  2. Make a group with people you want to create a group on Facetime (they should have Facetime installed on their phones or devices)
  3. Click on the spot where everyone’s initials of the name are listed
  4. Click on Facetime

How Do You Add Filter or Stickers on Facetime?

You can add fun stickers and filters to your Facetime video calls. Here is how you do it-

  1. When you are on a call with someone on Facetime, you can find a star icon at the bottom-left corner
  2. You can also see the iMessage standard menu right there
  3. There are thousands of interesting stickers and filters that you can add to your video calls.

FaceTime for PC Download App Windows & Mac worths your time and effort. Whenever you are missing your friends or family, you just invite them to use Facetime with you. As said earlier, it feels real like you are facing your friends face to face. So, try out Facetime for PC today and make the most of this pandemic.