FaceTime Is by Far the most popular video calling application. However, it is not available for Android yet. So, what should we use instead of facetime? There are so many popular alternatives available, but we choose Skype among them all. Let’s get to know Skype better in this article.

Why Do You Need a Facetime Alternative?

There are many reasons why people search for an alternative video calling app to Facetime. Among those reasons, the most common one is its platform type. FaceTime is only available on Mac and iOS platforms. On the other hand, Skype is for all. Though Facetime provides a great video quality that does not compare to Skype, Skype will always be the second-best option.

FaceTime Alternative: Skype

Skype is a Windows application that comes by default on your Windows computers. If you are running Windows 10, you will find Skype on your Windows applications. Skype requires your Microsoft account to sign up and once you are an active user, you can communicate with your friends and colleagues over the app.

The only reason why we choose Skype is, it is available for all platforms. So, it does not matter whether you are using iOS, Mac, Android, or Windows, you can install Skype wherever you want. Moreover, Skype is a free application where you don’t need to pay for whatever you do. However, it comes with some in-app charges to provide you with a better experience.

Why Choose Skype as a FaceTime Alternative?

Skype provides HD video calls that are free and easy. You can call any Skype user does not matter where they are from. Moreover, you can create a group with up to 50 users and send them media files, texts all at the same time.

Skype comes with some affordable in-app charges to provide you with a better communication experience. So, if the free Skype plan is not helping, you can subscribe to their Skype credit plans and start calling whoever you want.

Highlighted Features of Skype

Here have a look at the things Skype is good at:

  • It provides HD audio and video calls to all its users
  • It’s free and easy to use
  • Works with your Microsoft account; if you have a Windows device, you already have Skype in your system.
  • Helps you record audio and video calls
  • A great professional tool that you can use for whatever you want
  • Skype is the second-best application for video calling

Other Alternatives to Facetime for Android

Since FaceTime is not an application for Android users, you can create a Skype account. If not Skype, there are plenty of other applications that will do the job. Many Android users install WhatsApp for connecting with the world. If the person in your head has a Whatsapp account, you can directly contact them through this free Android application.

Apart from Skype and Whatsapp, there are many other Android apps that help you connect with your friends and family. But whatever you use, Facetime’s video quality will still be irreplaceable.