FaceTime is a popular iOS and Mac OS application but if you want this on your Android device, read the entire article here. Surely, you can use FaceTime to do video calling and texting your friends. But the application is only available on the Apple devices unless you put an effort to get it on other platforms as well. Installing Facetime for Android won’t as straightforward as iOS. However, this information is still helpful.

What is Facetime for Android?

As we all know, FaceTime is a very popular Apple device platform application. On your iOS and Mac device, you can instantly text other FaceTime users for free. The developers are working on bringing the application on the Android platform as well. However, it is still not available for Android.

FaceTime for Android

There are some websites that claim that FaceTime is available on Android devices as well. As great as it sounds, it is not a legit statement. The sites you are visiting that claim to have a .apk file for Facetime are probably a scam. Truthfully, FaceTime is an Apple product that is designed for Apple devices only. Moreover, you can only find this application in the iTunes App Store. You can’t find the FaceTime app on Google Play Store. However, if you still manage to get it from a website, then probably it is not an original Facetime apk file.

What Are the Highlighted Features of Facetime?

Although the application is still not available for Android devices, developers are working on the same. Have a look at the best features of FaceTime that you will be able to enjoy in Android devices.

  • FaceTime is a simplest and most popular application for video calling and chatting
  • Provides amazing video quality that looks real
  • You can talk to any FaceTime user without any cost regardless of the location they are from
  • Like other video calling apps, FaceTime offers you the ‘mute audio’ option as well
  • You can perform audio calls on Facetime too

These features are not limited and there will be more added ones in the Android version of FaceTime. However, as we already said, this application is still unavailable for Android. So, you will have to wait for it to finally arrive.

FaceTime for Android

How to Use FaceTime for Android?

Since this application is not available yet, you can try out some of its alternatives. Though those apps are not equal to FaceTime they still work and are useful.

  • Facebook Messenger allows you to call your friends both through video and audio. You can add filters while you are video calling your friends.
  • Google Duo is developed by Google that has become quite popular these days. It provides amazing video quality and smooth communication.
  • You can also use the IMO video calling app. However, though it also comes with great features, it is still not as popular as the FB messenger of Google Duo.
  • Developed by Microsoft, Skype is a great option for Android and Windows users. Those who want to connect to their pen pals can use Skype for free.

That’s all for FaceTime for Android. If you need more information, feel free to comment below.