Depending on the platform you use, FaceTime and Whatsapp both are great communication applications. No matter how far you are from your family or friends, technology brings us all closer to each other. However, if you have trouble choosing the two best communication apps, you can check out this article. Let’s find out Facetime Vs Whatsapp, which one is the best video-calling app.

Facetime Vs Whatsapp

All About Facetime

The majority of USA users use Facetime as their default video calling application. The reason is simple, FaceTime provides super quality video calling to all its users. However, FaceTime is available in iOS and Mac OS only. That means, if you want to use it on your Android or Windows device, you can’t without the help of certain tools.

Besides its awesome quality of video and audio, it comes with many other advantages. You can add awesome filters to your video call and have fun with your friends. Also, you can make a group of 32 Facetime users and start a video conference.

Facetime Vs Whatsapp

FaceTime Audio Calls

Besides providing high-quality video calling experience, FaceTime is popular in offering a great audio quality as well. And the quality of your communication does not drop in a low-quality internet connection. Does not matter whether you are using a fast wifi network or 2g, FaceTime works the same. In most Apple devices, FaceTime comes by default. That means you don’t have to install any additional application to start chatting with your friends.

Like other Android and Windows messaging apps, FaceTime offers you the feature to text your friends. You can activate the messenger on your device and connect with your family or friends you haven’t seen in a while.

FaceTime Vs Whatsapp: All About What’s App

While Facetime is only for iOS and Mac users, WhatsApp is for all. Regardless of the type of operating system you are running, WhatsApp will always be there to help you connect with your friends and family. In some countries, WhatsApp is the primary form of digital communication. It offers a great quality of video and audio calls. Moreover, you can instantly send messages and media to any of your Whatsapp contacts.

Though WhatsApp provides great audio quality, it’s video quality does not match with FaceTime. You can only add 8 people to a Whatsapp video call. WhatsApp works in any bandwidth and you don’t need a high-quality internet connection to talk with your friends. Moreover, there are some other features of Whatsapp that you may want to notice.

WhatsApp VS Facetime: Best Features

While choosing between Whatsapp and Facetime, there are some things you should consider. First, you need to check their quality, accessibility, and user experience. Second, you can forget about their popularity.

  1. People use Whatsapp as the primary medium of communication because not only for calling, you can send documents as well to other WhatsApp users.
  2. It is suitable for any operating system.
  3. There are so much customization options on Whatsapp

When it comes to Facetime, you cannot ignore the features listed below-

  1. FaceTime provides awesome video-calling quality
  2. It is more secure than WhatsApp
  3. There are so many fun filters to add on your video calls

Choose One: WhatsApp/ FaceTime

Both of these apps are free and provides a smooth communication method. However, WhatsApp is going to win in the Facetime Vs Whatsapp game because of the many facts mentioned above.