These days, video calling has become a common work tool for workers. Since you are not attending seminars or workshops, you need to give your attendance digitally. That brings the question of which video calling app is the best for you? If you are having a hard time choosing between Facetime and Zoom, here are we to help you out.

FaceTime VS Zoom | Which One is Better?

You don’t need to do much research to find out which one is the most popular one. FaceTime is mainly for iOs and Mac OS users and you can install Zoom on any device. However, there is a basic difference between Zoom and FaceTime. Zoom is mostly used for professional meetings and Facetime is a casual conversation app.

facetime vs zoom

Most people use Facetime for connecting with friends and family. But that does not mean you can connect with your co-workers through FaceTime. Most people prefer Zoom over Facetime for communicating with business and office partners because it gives you a wide section of features.

What Do You Know About Facetime?

With FaceTime, you can create a group with a maximum of 32 people for video-calling them simultaneously. With Zoom, you can connect with 100+ people at the same time. You will have to add each contact individually by using their names or phone numbers. You can also create a group and send the link to everyone to join.

The reason why people use Facetime is, it gives you some fun filters to make your video calls look cute. The Animoji or Memoji effects are not professional, but they are great for casual users. Needless to say, it comes with a perfect video quality that makes it look real. With Facetime, you feel like you are talking to the person face-to-face.

However, if you are looking for a professional way to present yourself in a group meeting, you will have to consider something else.

Zoom is For Professional Users

Surely Zoom comes with some expensive price tags, but it also comes for free. However, with its free version, you can only access limited features. If you want to switch to its business plans, the price is affordable too. With Zoom free plan, you can add up to 100 people in a meeting and can only talk to them for 40 minutes.

facetime vs zoom

If the free plan is not working for you, you will have to sign up for the paid plans. It is starting from $14.99 per month and every pricing has its unique set of features. These pricings are for hosts and not participants. You don’t need to pay for joining every webinar through Zoom, your host will pay for that.

FaceTime Vs Zoom | Professional VS Casual Video Calling

Depending on your purpose, you can choose between Zoom and Facetime. It’s totally up to you. But you can’t compare Zoom with FaceTime in that manner because they both have their audience and are designed for different purposes. Therefore, if you want to call your friends or family, use Facetime, it’s the best. If you want to conduct a business meeting, you should consider Zoom.