If you want to save your precious conversations with your colleagues on your device, you can record your video calls. However, if you are new to FaceTime, you will need help recording video or audio calls. Don’t worry, we are here to help you with the same.

Can Facetime Calls Be Recorded?

If your Mac device does not come with the in-built record feature, you will have to do it in another way. For example, if you are using iOS, you can install an application that supports calling recording from Facetime. Go to your Apple store and find any suitable app that will get the job done. For starters, I would suggest IMCapture for FaceTime.

IMCapture is not only helpful in recording Facetime calls, but you can also use that on Skype and Yahoo messenger. The software is available for purchase and is very easy to use.

IMCapture for FaceTime Call Recorder

The IMCapture for FaceTime application comes with various features and recording options. With this tool, you can record video calls to any formats including MOV, MPEG-4, FLV, and SWF. This app supports Mac and iPhone devices. However, you cannot install it on your iPad. You will have to launch the application every time you want t record a video or audio call on Facetime. However, the price tag of IMCapture is $50. That’s why most professionals use the app rather than individuals who want to record only once or twice.


Other Ways to Record Facetime Video Calls

If you don’t want to purchase that application, you can use the in-built Mac screen recorder. Mac OS 10.14 version has updated a new screen recording feature that you can launch by pressing Command-Shift-5. It will show you options to record screen videos or images from your Mac computer. Also, note that its audio recording feature is disabled by default, so you will have to enable it before recording audios through the microphone.

IMCapture Alternative for Recording Facetime Calls

Since IMCapture comes with an expensive price tag, you can record audio or videos using the QuickTime Player app. Mac devices come with this application by default. And from its File menu at the top, you can choose the New Screen Recording option. Before you record an audio or video call, make sure to increase the volume of your Mac. You will also have to select the audio input from the microphone options.

As always, the Record button will begin recording and Stop will finish the process. After recording your video calls, you can click on Save to use the recording in the future.

Using QuickTime can drop the quality of your audios. If that is an issue, you can use a QuickTime alternative such as ScreenFlow and Camtasia if you want a quality call recording application. If you have a question on how to record audio and video calls on Facetime, you can ask us in the comment box below.